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Holisitic Treatments


Holisitic Treatments

Divine or Spiritual Healing is the way of Tantra, practised by Great Indian Seers, traditionally.The timeless greatness of Tantric Healing was the integral practise of almost all ascetic lineages in ancient India. Accurate diagnosis, control over the disease and curing, all done with powerfull Mantras and mighty Yantras. The Healing power of the Omnipotent has been brought to the patient directly from the Cosmos is the unique way of the divine healing. Causes of all diseases has it's roots in the depths of one's previous birth, thoughts, words and deeds alike, according to the great Rishis of ancient India. The roots should be annihilated first.

Divine healing is doing the same with the unique might of the Allmighty. In this exclusive therapy, there is an assured solution for all diseases and difficulties, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. Accurate astrological predictions are often possible, while conducting the healing therapy is really amazing. Spiritual healing is doubtlessly secured from harmfull consequences and reverse results is the sheer blessing. Distance Healing is the exclusive and effective promise of spiritual healing, while the patient is away from the healer. By overlapping the time and distance, a Spiritual healer can even rejuvenate his patient, perfectly. Curing many physical weakness and diseases, stress management, panacea for mental and habitual disorders, the way to three fold rejuvenation, solution for unknown obstacles and difficulties in life, providing success in all walks of life, positive and progressive thinking and spiritual uplift are hard core promises of the Spiritual or Divine healing.

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